Suicide is a public health emergency affecting families and communities drastically . More than 7 lakh people commit suicide every year . It is the 4 th leading cause of death among 15-29 yrs old individuals but, can occur at any age starting from school going .A plethora of factors like rejection , failure , unemployment , abuse , isolation , violence , discrimination and disease have been found to be responsible. Ingestion of pesticide, hanging and firearms are the most common methods used for suicide globally. However, Suicides are preventable . The first WHO world suicide report published in 2014 declared suicide prevention to be a global imperative. Coordinated steps undertaken among various sectors of society like health, education , labour, agriculture and social media can do wonders and reducing suicidal rates .

KINS a pioneer nursing institute of Odisha , celebrated suicide prevention day on 10 th September 2023 at the male and female psychiatric ward of PBMH KIMS Bhubaneswar . Bsc nsg. 3 rd yr students of KINS conducted a role play to create awareness among patients about suicide . A poster competition was also conducted among students and winners were awarded.