The Research and Development cell aims to promote the research activities in the institution and motivate the Nursing fraternity & students to conduct innovative research in the newly emerging field, thrust areas including multidisciplinary fields. Research helps nurses to enhance the capability, effective best practices, and improve patient care. Nurses are better advocates for patients and provide high quality patient care through evidence-based practice. To achieve Future growth in Nursing and maintain their relevance research is an essential part.

Nursing research develops the knowledge & skill on maintenance of health and well-being, promotion of health, care of persons with health problems and disabilities.

Research Thrust area

Medical Surgical Nursing

Areas of research: Adolescent care, Geriatric care, nursing management & assessment of conditions related to Neurological, Cardiovascular, Musculoskeletal, Integumentary, Nephrology, Genitourinary, Gastrointestinal, ENT & Sensory systems etc.

Child Health Nursing

Areas of research: Nursing management & assessment of conditions related to New born, under Fives, Toddlers, school going children, teenagers, adolescents & awareness regarding communicable & non communicable disorders in various age groups etc.

Community Health Nursing

Areas of research: Outreach programs, flagship programs of the Govt., Anti-social behavioral problems, health & nutritional hygiene programs, community mental health, environmental sanitation, creation of awareness regarding various communicable & non communicable disorders etc.

Obstetrics & Gynaecological Nursing

Areas of research: Nursing management & assessment of conditions related to 1st trimester, 2nd trimester, 3rd trimester, pre-pregnancy, during pregnancy & post pregnancy, maternal & child health care, ovulation, menstruation & lactation, abortion, birth control measures etc.

Mental Health Nursing

Areas of research: Nursing management & assessment of conditions related to various psychiatric conditions, Guidance, counselling, psychotherapy etc.

Nursing Education

Areas of research: Teaching-learning experiences, methods of teaching, techniques of teaching, maxims of teaching, communication & its barriers, ways of nursing knowledge creations, formative & summative evaluations etc.

Growth & Nutrition

Areas of research: Anthropometric assessment, BMI, Nutritional deficiencies & nutritional abundancy, obesity, malnutrition etc.

Nursing Management

Areas of research: Leadership roles in nursing, Quality assurance in nursing, internal & external audit, material management, employer & employee relationships, establishment of a school of nursing etc.

Research Statistics

Research Collaboration

Name of the collaboration : The Risk Management and Prevention of Antibiotics Resistance – PREVENT IT – consortium (consisting of 11 national and international partners including KIIT Deemed to be University)

Collaborating agency name : ERASMUS+