National Alcohol Awareness Day is observed in India on 27 th April every year to raise awareness about the consequences of alcohol abuse and promote responsible drinking. Department of Mental Health Nursing, KINS, KIIT University, Bhubaneswar, Odisha celebrated National Alcohol Awareness Day on 27 th April 2024, KIDS auditorium with the theme on “Impact of Alcohol Misuse on Health and Society”. The program commenced with the ceremonial lighting of the sacred lamp, symbolizing enlightenment and wisdom. Following this, Dr. Sivasankari Varadharasu, Associate Professor cum HOD, Department of Mental Health Nursing, KINS, KIIT University, extended warm greetings and provided an insightful orientation on the theme. The significance of raising awareness about the detrimental effects of alcohol misuse, especially among university students, was emphasized by the esteemed Principal, KINS, KIIT University Prof. (Dr.)Niyati Dasin her address. Stressing the importance of informed choices, she underscored the need for proactive measures to safeguard health and well-being. The audience was enriched by the enlightening presentation delivered by the esteemed Guest of Honor, Dr. Akshay Garg, MD Psychiatry, PDF, Addiction Psychiatry, KIMS, KIIT University. Dr. Garg elucidated the profound impact of alcohol consumption on various organs of the human body, instilling a deeper understanding among the students. In recognition of their invaluable contributions, the Guest of Honor and the Principal were felicitated, acknowledging their commitment to promoting alcohol awareness and fostering a culture of responsible decision-making. A thought-provoking role-play, enacted by the first-year MSc Nursing students, underscored the critical role of alcohol education in shaping healthier lifestyles. This powerful portrayal underscored the significance of proactive intervention and education in mitigating alcohol-related harm.

The program gained further depth with the screening of a poignant video, crafted by the second year MSc Nursing students, featuring personal accounts and experiences related to alcohol consumption. This touching portrayal added a human dimension to the discussion, fostering empathy and understanding. Concluding the program with gratitude was extended by Mrs. Reena Singh, Associate Professor, Dept. of Mental Health Nursing, KINS, KIIT DU with her thankyou vote . The closing notes were harmonized with the stirring rendition of the KIIT anthem, symbolizing unity and collective resolve in addressing societal challenges.