Prasanti Kumari Pradhan


9 yrs of teaching experience to BDS STUDENT, 4 YRS teaching experience to MDS in kalinga institute of dental sciences

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Conservative Dentistry
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A. Mohan, S. Dipallini , S. Lata , S. Mohanty , P.K. Pradhan , P. Patel , H. Makkar , S.K. Verma Oxidative stress induced antimicrobial efficacy of chitosan and silver nanoparticles coated Gutta-percha for endodontic applications. Materials today chemistry vol 17, 2020

Lata, S., Mohanty, S. K., Pradhan, P. K., Patri, G., Sinha, S. P., & Agrawal, P. (2016). Anti bacterial Effectiveness of Electro- Chemically Activated (ECA) Water as a Root Canal Irrigant- An In-vitro Comparative Study. Journal of clinical and diagnostic research : JCDR, 10(10), ZC138–ZC142.

Das, S., Pradhan, P. K., Lata, S., & Sinha, S. P. (2018). Comparative evaluation of dentinal crack formation after root canal preparation using ProTaper Next, OneShape, and Hyflex EDM. Journal of conservative dentistry : JCD, 21(2), 153–156.

Pradhan, P. K., Sahoo, K. C., Dipallini, S., Banerjee, S., Lata, S., & Patri, G. (2020). Effect of Different Intracanal Medicaments on Apical Sealing Ability of BioRoot RCS. The journal of contemporary dental practice, 21(1), 47–50

Pradhan PK, Das S, Patri G, Patil AB, Sahoo KC, Pattanaik S. Evaluation of sealing ability of five different root end filling material: An in vitro study. J Int Oral Health 2015;7(11):11-15.

Prasanti Kumari Pradhan, Sanjib Das, Gaurav Patri, Gourismita Acharya, Non-Surgical Management of Bilateral Periapical Lesion by Using Calcium Hydroxide & MTA: A Case Report J Res Adv Dent 2015; 4:3:359-362.

Sanjib Das, Prasanti Pradhan, Anandamoy Bagchi. An Instant Esthetic Approach to Treat a Complicated Crown Fracture: A Case Report J Res Adv Dent 2017;6:2:105-109.